About Us


You have entered the social e-commerce platform that brings an entire flea market experience to your fingertips. Welcome to Homeprod and to the world of beautifully handcrafted products!

Who are we and What do we stand for?

Homeprod stands for Produced at Home. We are a team of passionate humans who believe beautiful handcrafted products can add lively charm and character to people’s homes. In a mission to bridge the gap between small but passionate home-based creators with their customers we have built Homeprod, an social e-commerce platform exclusively for authentic handcrafted products. 

We are a pro #VocalForLocal and #MadeInIndia organisation that is empowering local businesses. A plethora of home and women entrepreneurs as well as local artisans in India are creating unique handcrafted products but lack the right platform to sell them. We are providing these talented creators with a social e-commerce platform where they can connect with customers directly and sell homemade products easily. All the creators on Homeprod can grow their businesses in the comfort of their own homes without paying any commission for sales. 

Made at home, for your home.