Travel Themed Clay Home Nameplate

Rs 3,176.00
Rs 3,176.00
500 grams (approx)

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Travel themed clay nameplates 


A picture perfect name plate designed specially for those with wanderlust using professional clay and a lot of love. . With a mix of decoupage and distress ink styling, this vintage piece comes with customisations to suit your likings.


  • Material: Professional clays, oil and acrylic colours, distress ink colours

  • Dimensions: 12*6 inches

  • Customizations: Available  

    • Name, Places and colors are personalized as requested

    • Maximum places: 5

    • Clay miniature elements are added as requested

Know your Seller: 

White Musks Crafts by Akansha is a quirky arts and crafts store that has just the right products for the colorful at heart. With over a range of fun house decor items to choose from, White Musk Crafts is a top selling seller here at HomeProd. 

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